Polk County Government

Vehicle Tax

Veterans and Military Section

Disable Veterans Requirements

Veteran papers that state that the person is 100 percent disabled will receive a free plate (limit two) with issuance fee of $2.50.
Initial price for Disabled Veterans plate is 28.25 with a renewal of 24.00 dollars per year.

Military Plates Requirements

To receive a Military license plate you need to bring a DD214 or Military ID
Initial price is 28.25 with a renewal fee of 24.00 dollars per year
Retire Military plate initial fee is 28.25 with a renewal fee of 24.00 dollars per year

National Guard Requirements

Letter from Commanding Officer, the person can receive one free plate with an issuance fee of $2.50.
Additional plates is 24.00 dollars per year

Motorcycle plates available for all Military Personnel following the same requirements as above

Driver License Services for the Military Personal

The word “veteran” will be printed vertically and in capital letters along the right border of the photo.
To obtain the designation, a veteran has to provide the clerk`s office with the Defense of Department form that verifies service, DD214.

Motor Vehicle Sales to Members of the Armed Forces

You can go to the State Web-Site to get more information on Instructions for Military Personnel