Polk County Government

Road Department

  • Superintendent Roy (Gene) Thomason, Jr.
  • Benton Foreman Lige Thomason
  • Ducktown Foreman Glen Stiles

Physical Addresss:

1887 Welcome Valley Road
Room 110
Benton, TN 37307


West Polk Office: (423) 338-4177
East Polk Office: (423) 496-2456


(423) 338-4477

The mission of the Polk County Road Department is to provide citizens with outstanding service and efficiently maintain and restore the county infrastructure system.  We are committed to the safety and well-being of residents who travel our county highways and strive to assess weather conditions, clear roadways and take appropriate actions to keep the county highway system safe for travelers.

The Polk County Highway Superintendent manages the repair and maintenance of the county highway system of roads adopted by the local governing body.

We are currently operating in Maintenance Crisis Mode due to lack of funding.  The sole source of funding for the department is the state gasoline tax which has not had an increase in funding since 1992. Currently PCRD gets -0- property tax money. Please contact your commissioner and ask them to fund road and bridge projects.

Road Miles By District

District 1 - 126.11
District 2 - 161.29
District 3 - 132.01
Total - 419.41

State Aid Bridge Projects

Boanerges Church Road Bridge
Columbus Bridge
Easley Ford Bridge

State Aid Road Projects

Welcome Valley Road
Old Federal Road
Grassy Creek Road
New Stansbury Road

Grants Awaiting Approval

Ladd Springs Road
Sugarloaf Dr.

Grants Awarded 2014-2015

(High Risk Rural Roads Program)
Benton Station Road
Welcome Valley Road
Reynolds Bridge Road
Old Federal Road
Cookson Creek Road
Grassy Creek Road