Polk County Government

County Commission

County Commission

The Polk County Commission (a.k.a. County Legislative Body) is a body that is made up of 9 commissioners, which are comprised of three commissioners from each of the three voting districts of the county. The commission’s job is to exercise the powers of a legislative nature granted to it by the Tennessee General Assembly in public acts (laws of general application) or local option application, which may be found in codified form in the Tennessee Code Annotated) or in private acts that apply to a particular county (that do not conflict with the general law). The commission has a considerable array of powers, including the power to levy property taxes, the power to expend funds for any lawful purpose, zoning powers for the unincorporated areas of the county, the power to fill vacancies in county wide offices and some regulatory powers which govern the public safety, morals and welfare.

District 1 - Commissioners

Wendall “Buster” Lewis
Phone: 423-790-8962
John Pippenger
Phone: 423-716-7655
Email Address: jpippenger@comcast.net
Mark Bishop
Phone: 423-715-7007

District 1 - Precincts

Delano Lions Club
Polk County High School
Chilhowee Middle School Gym

District 2 - Commissioners

Greg Brooks
Phone: 423-715-0458
Mike Curbow
Phone: 423-650-5862
Karen Bracken
Phone: 215-692-2147
Email Address: karen.bracken@reagan.com

District 2 - Precincts

Greasy Creek Community Club
Springtown Fire Hall
South Polk School
Shiloh Baptist
Youth Center

District 3 - Commissioners

Daniel Deal
Phone: 706-851-5437
Email Address: danieldeal325@hotmail.com
Sheena Gaddis
Phone: 706-455-2872
Daren Waters
Phone: 706-455-1580

District 3 - Precincts

Ducktown City Hall
Copper Basin High School