Polk County Government

Board of Education

Board of Education

First District

Tracy Bishop: Tracy.Bishop@k12tn.net
Jason Lamb: Jason.Lamb@k12tn.net
Mark Williams: Mark.Williams@k12tn.net

Second District

Shawn Pritchett: Shawn.Pritchett@k12tn.net
Harmon Harden:Harmon.Harden@k12tn.net
Stan Howard Stan.Howard@k12tn.net

Third District

LW Smith: LW.Smith@k12tn.net
James Davis: James.Davis@k12tn.net
Stephanie Loudermilk: Stephanie.Loudermilk@k12tn.net

Director of Schools

Dr. James Jones: Jonesj17@k12tn.net

Physical Address:

131 Stephens St.
Benton, TN 37307

Mailing Address:

PO Box 665
Benton, TN 37361



Click on the Links below to reach the appropriate web sites for the Polk County School System:

Benton Elementary
Chilhowee Middle School
Copper Basin Elementary
Copper Basin High School
Polk County Schools
Polk County High School
South Polk Elementary