Polk County Government



(1) Convenient Center-Benton

1873 Welcome Valley Rd
Benton, TN 37307

(2) Convenient Center- Farner

170 Underwood Dr.
Farner, TN 37333

(3) Convenient Center-Grassy Creek

2000 Grassy Creek Rd
Copperhill, TN 37317

(4) Convenient Center-Linsdale

2240 Dentville Rd
Delano, TN 37325

(5) Convenient Center-Reliance

3557 HWY 30
Reliance, TN 37369

(6) Convenient Center-South Polk

1030 Old Federal Rd
Old Fort, TN 37362

Polk County Convenient Center Locations

Map of Convenient Centers
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The County of Polk is pleased to offer free sanitation disposal at its convenience centers in both East and West Polk County.

This free to citizens program is very expensive to maintain and in April 2007 the Polk County Legislative Body passed a county wide resolution which set out the following parameters to be followed by the sanitation company which has the county contract.

1). All household trash that is created in Polk County will be accepted at the county convenience centers or approved locations as set forth by the Polk County Commission or the Polk County Executive.

2). Any trash found to be from another county or state shall be deemed unacceptable by the convenience center operators and shall not be disposed of in a Polk County Convenience Center

3). All vehicles dumping trash at a county convenience center shall bare a Polk County registration on such vehicle or the driver shall produce a signed certificate from the Polk County Executive which states that the trash is believed to be from Polk County (this permit will either be temporary or permanent in nature). For an Application for a sanitation permit, click the link below.

4). Any person or entity that is caught dumping or attempting to dump out of county trash or other debris at a Polk County Convenience Center shall be fined up to $250 dollars per each incident involving household or personal waste and $500 for each incident involving business waste.

To download an application for a Polk County Sanitation Permit: Click here